A few words from others.

"Not only did you hold their interest for the 8AM sales meeting, you did it in a unique and entertaining way. Your ability to customize your program with the specific sales topics was most creative and effective...."

- Galt Toys

"Woody is a very professional presenter with an incredible sense of humor. Woody has a tremendous background with non-profits and other organizations providing educational seminars, entertainment and leadership. I would highly recommend Woody to your group or organization."
- Greg Dugal
Maine Innkeepers Association

"[Woody's presentation at our annual meeting] was cleverly arranged by him and specifically geared to the history, hopes, and aspirations of our organization."
- Gulf of Maine Aquarium

115 N. High St. Bridgton, ME 04009   (207) 831- 0888

Woody Woodward
Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach