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by Woody Woodward on 12/23/12

Welcome to my new web site for motivational speaking, training, entertaining, and other miscellaneous stuff! While I have been doing motivational speaking for decades as a professional magician doing themed corporate shows, talking about a non-profit organization I volunteerd for, or as the CEO of a statewide health non-profit, I never thought about doing it independently before. Until, that is, several people said' "why don't you start speaking professionally?"

I figured that I have many years of experience in sales, leadership, and management under my belt, have taught groups and individuals before, and have had many folks tell me that I've helped change their lives. (A very humbling experience, I might add!)

So, please join me on my new adventure. I've always customized my talks in the past, and can work with any size or type of group. Let me know if you see a need out there and I'll see if I can help! Thanks, and I hope you have a joyous Christmas season and a very prosperous New year!!

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