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First time for everything.

by Woody Woodward on 01/29/13

Welcome to my first post on the Dare to Exceed web site. This will be a learning experience for both you and for me. I will try to give you some useful information every now and then. Hopefully you will find it interesting, possibly a bit humorous, and a worthwhile few minutes of your time.

I have done many things in my life, but writing a weekly blog will be a new challenge. Yes, I worry that I won't find good topics. Yes, I worry about writing clearly and concisely. And yes, I will have to get into the rhythm of writing this often. But, as I've always said, worrying seems to be very effective. After all, it seems that whenever I worry about something, it never seems to happen.

So... I guess it works! As long as I don't let the worry keep me from trying. That, I guess, is the point of my first blog. Worry is only an obstacle to you if you let it be. Yes, every worry I have MAY come true. But, I'll never know, will I, unless I try.

I also know that you will probably forgive me my possible mistakes. Most people will want you to succeed when you take a risk. Most will chear you on, in fact.

Don't disappoint them by not even trying.

Most importantly, don't disappoint yourself.




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