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Meandering Thoughts

"Warts and All"

by Woody Woodward on 02/10/13

So, if you've actually read some of my previous ramblings, close to the time when they were first posted, you'll notice that the colors of the web site here have been drastically changed. You'll also notice that I have pictures now that actually tend to look like me. (Or IS it me? Do you really know?)

OK. Truth. It IS me. And the colors have changed, as have some of the links and other parts of the web site. Hopefully you have a better feel for what I do and who I am. I even have a new logo up at the top. With gradually increasing mountains, no less. (I'll let YOU decide what to read into the graphics!)

So... why so many changes? Why did I start posting my blogs when the site wasn't yet where I wanted it to be? Why did I even publish my site if it wasn't perfect?

It's simple. It will NEVER be perfect as far as I'm concerned. will always be a work in progress. At least I hope it will be. As I learn each and every day... as I listen to others and experience new things... as I read new articles... I will want to share some of that stuff with you. And hopefully improve what I do.

But waiting until something is "perfect" before putting it out there is a common obstacle to many people. We want it "just so", and we're afraid to let it be seen until we are finished with it. But that means we'll never put ourselves "out there" until we are finished with ourselves, and that ain't gonna happen with me, anyway!

Sure, some things have to be totally correct before we show them to others. Some details may be relied upon by others, and must be accurate. But many things can be works in progress, especially when they need to be out there as soon as possible.

The thought for today is: Do what needs to be done, and do it AS it needs be done, but don't let your fear that everything must be perfect before you let anyone see it keep you from moving forward. Decide what CAN be perfect and what HAS to be perfect. Take those first steps if you can and put yourself out there, warts and all. If you let your fear of being seen as a work in progress hold you back, you may never go forward. And, the need to improve on what you've already done can motivate you to get on top of it. (I certainly didn't want my web site to be without photos or a logo for any amount of time!) 

As a motivational speaker, trainer, and business coach, I realize that I will always be growing and learning. And I knew that I had to start with a few small steps first before I'd start a marathon. OK. Truth be told, there will be no marathon in my future. But I tend to walk a path with you over the following months that will lead us both to success, contentment, and a better understanding of ourselves.

Join me, won't you?.



First time for everything.

by Woody Woodward on 01/29/13

Welcome to my first post on the Dare to Exceed web site. This will be a learning experience for both you and for me. I will try to give you some useful information every now and then. Hopefully you will find it interesting, possibly a bit humorous, and a worthwhile few minutes of your time.

I have done many things in my life, but writing a weekly blog will be a new challenge. Yes, I worry that I won't find good topics. Yes, I worry about writing clearly and concisely. And yes, I will have to get into the rhythm of writing this often. But, as I've always said, worrying seems to be very effective. After all, it seems that whenever I worry about something, it never seems to happen.

So... I guess it works! As long as I don't let the worry keep me from trying. That, I guess, is the point of my first blog. Worry is only an obstacle to you if you let it be. Yes, every worry I have MAY come true. But, I'll never know, will I, unless I try.

I also know that you will probably forgive me my possible mistakes. Most people will want you to succeed when you take a risk. Most will chear you on, in fact.

Don't disappoint them by not even trying.

Most importantly, don't disappoint yourself.





by Woody Woodward on 12/23/12

Welcome to my new web site for motivational speaking, training, entertaining, and other miscellaneous stuff! While I have been doing motivational speaking for decades as a professional magician doing themed corporate shows, talking about a non-profit organization I volunteerd for, or as the CEO of a statewide health non-profit, I never thought about doing it independently before. Until, that is, several people said' "why don't you start speaking professionally?"

I figured that I have many years of experience in sales, leadership, and management under my belt, have taught groups and individuals before, and have had many folks tell me that I've helped change their lives. (A very humbling experience, I might add!)

So, please join me on my new adventure. I've always customized my talks in the past, and can work with any size or type of group. Let me know if you see a need out there and I'll see if I can help! Thanks, and I hope you have a joyous Christmas season and a very prosperous New year!!