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"We all have obstacles that seem to prevent us from reaching our goals. They can be physical, mental, emotional, or financial. But we can all push our limits. We can all step out of our comfort zones. I challenge you to Dare to Exceed!"
--Woody Woodward

As Speaker or Trainer
Woody will captivate your audience with his professional manner, mixed with his unique sense of humor and expression. He will educate them in the chosen area of interest, drawing upon personal knowledge, experience, and research. Finally, Woody will motivate them to actually utilize the skills and techniques he has imparted to them. 

Captivate - Woody has over 30 years of experience in front of groups as a performer, lecturer, and motivational speaker. As an entertainer, he's brought his own brand of humor and audience involvement to thousands of people (mostly throughout New England), earning accolades from corporate, non-profit, and private clients. As a dynamic speaker, he has helped audience members look inside themselves and take a risk, changing lives and attitudes.

Educate - At the same time, Woody has had a varied career path, from public safety to non-profit health care, from private business to municipal government, from entertainment to hospitality. In all of his endeavors, Woody has been regarded by his peers as knowledgeable, intelligent, and articulate. He has won awards and recognition in his fields of employment and has served in top leadership roles in industry associations. His experience and constant quest for knowledge provide him with "in the trenches" information to share with others. 

Motivate - Woody has also brought meaning and substance to groups all over the country, talking about dealing with chronic illness and pain, and how others can set their lives on a path to overcome the things that can keep them from realizing their own potential. His ability to get people who had once felt hopeless to take the steps to help themselves has been demonstrated again and again.

As a Business Coach
Woody can work with you to:

115 N. High St. Bridgton, ME 04009   (207) 831- 0888
Woody Woodward
Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Available for Keynotes, Seminars, Break-outs, Workshops, Master of Ceremonies, Host, and Panel Facilitator.